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Reseller Services

- "Reseller always the right choice"

Now offer cheaper long distance calling services in your own market becoming a VoIP reseller.Quality network and availability of calling options from Mobile Phones, PC's or IP Phones, you can now offer customers in your area good quality voice solutions at much cheaper rates. By becoming a

business partner of Bluestar and availing VoIP Reseller Program, you can just concentrate on servicing your customers and leave the entire backend of technology and services to us.

We service customers around the world with better and cheaper International calling plans.

  • Quick start of operations
  • Private Label options
  • Business partners can create 'N' level of another partners under them
  • Bluestar provides 24X7 service support desk to the resellers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Bluestar has multiple points of presence in international market, giving redundancy to the network
  • Single Pin for all calling devices
  • Easy user interface, for customer and account management
  • Bluestar offers Internet Telephony to home users and businesses.
  • Commissions are paid for all subscriptions.
  • Commissions are paid on phone call revenue to all levels of resellers.
  • Lowest prices into traditional POTS telephone networks.
  • Reliable, top speech quality; with extensive web-based support services, all at a minimum cost.
  • Highest possible number of supported codecs, providing the highest hardware compatibility (commonly used SIP and IAX protocol).