Wholesale Carriers

- "The more wholesale the better"

We offer competitive rates for both conversational (long duration) and dialer (short duration) traffic

Access over 170 global destinations through our portfolio of the premium carriers from around the world at low wholesale prices.

Our partnership with telecommunication providers delivers direct access to the destinations your business targets daily. Through a simple SIP hand-off and a single relationship you receive high-quality, reliable, and scalable termination.

Exchange your target list with Blue Star Telecom today to quickly determine the positive impact we will have on your bottom line.

Bluestar provide A-Z VoIP premium quality of termination service for small and medium-sized enterprises such as Carriers, service providers, Office, CallShop, Call Center, Calling Cards and Callback Operators. This service has the following features:

  • Extremely low rates for international calls to ANY destination worldwide.
  • Work with all categories of possible customers: Callshops, Offices, Call Centers, Calling Card dealers, Callback operators, Residences, etc.
  • Risk free
  • VoIP Billing for free.
  • The quality of our connections is the best possible
  • Backed up platform to guarantee our services
  • Technical support for free.


Features of wholesale are:

  • Free trial
  • Only prepaid payment.
  • All Available payment .
  • No VAT charged to companies outside USA
  • We do not require a minimum monthly payment
  • No setup fee or monthly charges
  • Technical support for free.
  • Secure an instant international network footprint.